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RIEDEL Networks | Our Backbone

RIEDEL Networks | Our Backbone

RIEDEL Networks | Our Backbone

What´s POPin?

We started with our first #POP in Frankfurt in 2003 and then went global. Since then, our backbone connects more than 250 customers in over 1400 cities and 75 countries worldwide. 🌍

Read more on our website: https://riedel-networks.net/en/therefore-riedel

#Network #RIEDELNetworks #WhenITreallymatters

• Single point of contact for the entire data network
• Proactive 24/7 operation of your complete network including your own infrastructure
• Efficiency & cost-effectiveness through cross-technology concepts and provider neutrality
• Central contract management and invoice consolidation
• 24/7 network operations services with central NOC & SOC in Butzbach, Hessen.

► Who we are? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQGHTsvBreQ

Enough reading, now I want to see something! https://riedel-networks.net/en/about-us/contact

📜 About RIEDEL #Networks:
We, RIEDEL Networks, are a globally operating network provider from Butzbach, Germany, focusing on customized networks for enterprises and the broadcast sector. As part of the #RIEDEL Communication Group in Wuppertal, Germany, we are wholly privately owned by Thomas Riedel and have access to a corporate structure of over 1,000 colleagues, at over 30 locations in Europe, Australia, Asia and America.
In addition, we operate in the Bergisches Land region as a local Internet service provider, with our own infrastructure under the name tal.de.
RIEDEL Networks is a 100% company of the @RiedelNet Group in Wuppertal, Germany, and is fully privately owned by Thomas Riedel.

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